The problem with Old Ones is that you can’t second-guess them.

Formula for creating a perfect immortal being

i. The being must either decay at an absolute rate of 0% or it must take energy from its environment, use that energy to replicate at a rate that will not exceed that environment’s capacity.

ii. The being must be highly adaptive and resistant to external threats, resolving them either by coercion, co-option, or mimicry.

iii. The being must be even more highly adaptive and resistant to internal threats, and the result of any engagement must be the victory of whichever internal components optimize its survival.

iv. If for any reason there is a critical failure in stages i – iii, the being must be able to enter a state of dormancy until it is ready to make another attempt at permanent, active existence.

3 thoughts on “The problem with Old Ones is that you can’t second-guess them.”

    1. For a ball of sufficient size, probably. I’m okay with classifying sufficiently large balls of iron as PIBs; such a thing would be pretty notable. Possibly worthy of veneration.


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